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NEW: How do they get a lot of warming from a little gas? - Saturation chamber experiments with carbon dioxide tell us that, all other things being equal, doubling pre-Industrial Revolution CO2 levels should yield about 1.2 °C warming -- not radical physics and not usually an argument starter.

Worries about catastrophic global warming assume a positive feedback from water vapor. In skeptic circles these positive feedback numbers are known as "marvelous magical multipliers". Bear in mind positive feedback from water vapor is not entirely implausible since a warmer atmosphere can certainly support more water vapor and generally warmer temperatures could increase both evaporation and plant transpiration leading to more available water vapor.

The situation is complicated by how any additional water vapor might form clouds and the efficiency with which the atmosphere limits water vapor levels through precipitation -- what goes up eventually comes down as rain, snow, etc.. Moreover, the type of clouds formed, their latitude and their altitude determine whether these clouds primarily affect incoming solar shortwave radiation or outgoing earth longwave radiation or some combination thereof. We've shown you before how a simple 1% change in albedo (Earth's reflectivity) can yield over 1 °C change in expected mean temperature.

Is the atmosphere getting "wetter"? - Enhanced greenhouse theory demands that atmospheric carbon dioxide increases cause an increase in atmospheric water vapor -- the infamous positive feedback loop or marvelous magical multiplier depending on whether you are a modeler or an empirical scientist. Well, what is happening?

Greenhouse Gas Facts and Fantasies - To support their argument, advocates of man-made global warming have intermingled elements of greenhouse activity and infrared absorption to promote the image that carbon dioxide traps heat near earth's surface like molecular greenhouses insulating our atmosphere. Their imagery, however, is seriously flawed.

Calculate Earth's Expected Mean Temperature - Alright then, what is the precise expected temperature of the Earth? JunkScience.com provides a simple energy balance model for you to try.

The curious incident of the added heat at the surface - JunkScience.com investigates IPCC enhanced greenhouse forcing claims.

Sea level rise calculator - just how much heat energy is required to melt a given amount of land-borne ice?


The pub trivia guide to global warming -- Looking for the 5 minute guide to global warming? This could be the document for you!

If "global warming" is real, what could be causing it? -- Did human activity cause all, part or none of the estimated change?

What's your real Carbon Footprint? -- Ever wonder how much carbon is accumulating in the atmosphere and how much that affects planetary temperature? Ever wondered how much your sacrifice might cool the Earth? Here's your chance to find out.

Kyoto Count Up! - The seemingly interminable Kyoto countdown is over - now we begin to count UP (the cost).

Arctic Warming Update - Once again claims are flying thick and fast regarding dramatic, in fact, unprecedented Arctic warming. Once again, we look at the available data, now updated to the end of 2004. Once again, we find the claims to be dead flat wrong.

Stratospheric Cooling? - One of the more interesting "Sky Is Falling" postulations made in recent years has been the claim that the apparently cooling stratosphere is masking observation of anticipated warming in the troposphere.

Quotable quotes from the greenhouse scene - Does the IPCC believe we can predict future climate? What about the "father" of global warming, James Hansen? Find out here.


Revised: The Real 'Inconvenient Truth' -- Greenhouse, global warming - and some facts

Revised: This "global warming" thing... what Watt is what? -- In global warming and climate studies, figures are often given in Watts per meter squared (Wm-2) -- what does that mean? Surface warming ratios are variously cited as 0.1 °C per Wm-2 forcing through 1.0 °C per Wm-2 -- and most everything in between -- which ones make sense? Are climate models programmed with reasonable assumptions on cause and effect? How is the world actually responding? Have claims of "the smoking gun for global warming" been validated? We'll try to sort it all out for you.

"Global Warming" at a glance -- See the most recently available global mean temperature anomalies derived from satellite and near-surface data. Updated frequently.

Historical Temperature Proxies -- see our expanding archive of historical temperature reconstructions. This is the reduced graphics version - see this file for the graphics intensive (but bandwidth heavy) version.

"Global warming," also known as "enhanced greenhouse" will not cause catastrophe -- In this document we find climate models and long-term climate data unhelpful in determining the planet's thermal response to elevated greenhouse gas levels. Annual temperature change and a modern and well-documented event provide evidence against greenhouse "feedback mechanisms" leading to uncontrolled and catastrophic warming, indicating Earth is not at a critical temperature threshold.

Cosmic rays and Earth's climate -- Almost ignored by the media the Royal Society has quietly published what may prove to be the most significant paper on Earth's climate in decades. Here we present background on the paper and explore some of its ramifications.


Climate Quick Pick -- Choose your desired temperature track or climate proxy from this simple link list, much smaller file and faster load times than "Global Warming" at a glance (no thumbnail graphics or explanatory text)

AGW Resources (August 1, 2005)

Planetary Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Global Mean Temperature - Comparing results with National Climatic Data Center's global record

JunkScience.com's recent climate meddling medley - "RealClimate.org" says JunkScience.com is guilty of distortion and data manipulation and, since they obviously need all the help they can get, we're proud to provide a medley of our recent climate meddling, where we manipulate (tabular) data (into graphical format) and wilfully distort the global warming industry's scary message.

Datasets - what's the diff? - Compare trends from near-surface, sea surface temperature, satellite and balloon datasets.

Warming by design? - One of the items regularly brought to our attention here at JunkScience.com is the Common Sense Climate Index, so how sensible is it?

Recent Dramatic Arctic Warming? - The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) and their really pretty graphics suggest dramatic recent warming in the Arctic. Find out what warming has occurred - and when.

Global warming: Tony Blair and other stellar effects - British Prime Minister Tony Blair worries about global warming so we checked out his "backyard" and tracked Central England's annual mean temperatures since 1659.

UHIE? UHIE who? - What is "Urban Heat Island effect" and why is it important in the global warming debate?

U.S. Landfalling Hurricanes - increasing with 'global warming'? 2004 demonstrated a very active storm season - is this a response to global warming?

The Atmosphere and Enhanced Greenhouse - What's Going On? (Edited September 13, 2004) - Is "enhanced greenhouse" a significant problem or just the global warming industry's post hoc, ergo propter hoc scare campaign?

Pop Quiz! Think you know about global warming? Good at getting information from graphs? Try your hand at these.


Hurricanes: are they or aren't they? -- It's peak North Atlantic hurricane season again and, perhaps inevitably given the noise generated by Al Gore and his multimedia presentation doing the rounds of theatres and town halls as the infomercial "Inconvenient Truth", much is being made of increased hurricane threat as a result of human-induced (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW). This is a contentious issue, to say the least, with a great deal of "he said, she said" making the situation as clear as mud.


Estimating the Global Mean Temperature - The Story So Far

Startling New Anthropogenic Warming Found! - Mother Earth has a fever and we can show the temperature increase - linked to one event!

How 'Hot' Is Planet Earth? - What was yesterday's global mean temperature? How about last week's? Find out here and you can check our method for deriving it.


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