The Real Carbon Footprint Calculator

So, you've been to one of the 'carbon footprint' or carbon offset scheme sites and now you are wondering how much of a difference your sacrifice will or could make? This calculator will help you work it out.

When the calculation is made you will be presented with the results along with a page explaining how the calculation was done, how much carbon is in the atmosphere and how much humans have contributed. This leads to a discussion on Earth's demonstrated sensitivity to increased atmospheric carbon, how much emission must be prevented to avoid an increase of 1 C and how that relates to current human contribution.

Of course, some people just want to go straight to the background data and that's fine, we have it in a separate page for you here.

To estimate your cool saving, fill in this form:

Enter the offset amount (just the number) (If you don't know you can look up per capita figures by country here)

Tell us what units you are working in (select Metric Ton if using the CDIAC table of per capita figures linked from the previous line):

Metric Ton (tonne) US (short) Ton
Kilogram Imperial (long) Ton
Gram Pound

Are you quoting Carbon (and/or equivalent) or Carbon Dioxide? (Select carbon dioxide if using CDIAC table)

Would you prefer to see results in C or F?

If you were quoted or paid a price, please take a moment to convert that price to US $s - these online conversion utilities will open in a new tab or window according to browser and settings: FXConverter,, x-rates, yahoo!.

Please enter the total amount you paid or were quoted (whole $s only) (Optional)



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