October - December 1997

Global Warming and the Ghost of Christmas to Come? (12/31/97) Natural Resources Defense Council senior "scientist" Dan Lashoff recently offered this suggestion as a way to use less gasoline and reduce the dreaded "global warming": "Why travel in a Jeep when a Honda Civic will do?" Click here for the Christmas Day consequences of driving a small car.

Hunting and Child Abuse (12/31/97) Click here for an article from the animal rights advocacy rag Animal People in which the authors attempt to link hunting with child abuse. The purported link is based on the fact that the state of Michigan has more hunters and a greater child abuse rate than upstate New York: therefore hunting must cause child abuse. I guess automobile manufacturing must also be linked with child abuse? (Thanks to Jeff Ebbesen for the story!)

The Week That Was December 21-27, 1997 (12/30/97) The weekly update from the Science and Environmental Policy Project.

Future Schlock (12/30/97) As you read this New York Times op-ed, think about the predictions of gloom-and-doom 100 years from now due to global warming.

Medical Journal Caves to Environmentalists (12/28/97) In an apparent bow to pressure from environmentalists, the New England Journal of Medicine publicly humiliates a book reviewer who dared to criticize Sandra Steingraber's book Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment. Click here for a the book review in question. Click here for the related news article. Maybe the NEJM should change its name to the New England Journal of Politically Correct Medicine?

Chlorinated Drinking Water and Bladder Cancer (12/27/97) Adding chlorine to drinking water supplies has saved countless lives this century. But EPA wants to eliminate chlorine as a drinking water disinfectant. Here's a recent example of the science behind this move.

Families Allege Coal Tar Cleanup Caused Children's Cancer (12/26/97) Personal-injury lawyers are circling around another cancer "cluster." While we empathize with the tragedy of childhood cancer, no cancer cluster has ever panned out to be anything other than a random occurrence.

Yellowstone Park Emits Tons of Carbon Dioxide, Study Finds (12/26/97) In his book Earth in the Balance, Vice President Gore contemplated banning the internal combustion engine. Will his next book contemplate banning Mother Nature as well?

Stop the Madness (12/24/97) It seems the British Government can't get enough Mad Cow.

Medical Research Bandwagon (12/24/97) Is too much money going into medical research? And at its own expense?

Science Resurrects God (12/24/97) From the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.

Deformed Frogs Leap Into Spotlight at Health Workshop (12/23/97) More on the frog deformity controversy from Science.

Diet Research With A Grain of Salt? (12/23/97) Worried about a stroke? Cut your risk with a high-fat diet!

How Do They Know Tobacco-promotion Bans Will Work? (12/23/97) Read this article from The Lancet about a new study on cigarette promotional items (CPIs) and smoking. Then ask yourself: Can they really conclude that CPIs cause teens to smoke based on the mere observation that teen smokers are more likely than teen nonsmokers to own CPIs? How do they know that teens don't acquire CPIs after they start smoking?

Vector-borne disease and global warming (12/23/97) Global warming pushers like to say that global warming will cause epidemics of vector-borne disease such as malaria and dengue fever. Click here for a recent example of this nonsense. But two weeks ago, the Junkman attended the annual meeting of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to hear senior researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the Pasteur Institute debunk these claims. Click here for The Lancet article on this meeting.

Cuban Doctor Imprisoned for 8 years for Reporting Dengue-fever Epidemic (12/23/97) The future for those who dare contradict "official" science and public health?

The Wages of Irradiation Procrastination (12/23/97) The junk science crowd has delayed the use of food irradiation. Find out at what cost.

The Week That Was, December 14 - December 21, 1997 (12/23/97) The Science and Environmental Policy Project's synopsis of last week.

AIDS and a Bad Math Epidemic (12/21/97) A Michael Fumento-authored letter- to-the-editor of The Washington Post.

Double Standard: Diesel Exhaust and Secondhand Smoke (12/20/97) What would Mr. Rogers say about the new meta-analysis of the diesel exhaust epidemiology?

UN Backs Research of Mobile Phone Health Risks (12/20/97) In this Reuters article, the United Nations says "perceived risks from [mobile telephones, power lines and radar have] become a serious public health issue." And so the UN plans to spend $100 million doing research. But since when does "perception" justify a $100 million research program? Did the UN miss the 1996 National Reseach Council review of 20 years of research on electric and magnetic fields -- a review that did not associate EMF with adverse health effects? It's no wonder the U.S. has yet to pay $1 billion in back dues to the UN!

Junk Science in the Courtroom (12/19/97) A Washington Times editorial about this week's Supreme Court decision in General Electric Company v. Joiner.

Researchers Admit Error in Study (12/19/97) Did poor blacks eat healthier than well-off whites a generation ago?

Happy Holidays from the Junkman! (12/19/97)

Deformed Amphibians or Deformed Science? (12/19/97) Last week's hysteria over deformed salamanders and ambient ultraviolet-B radiation is likely much ado about nothing.

A Clear Day Is Reality Now in L.A.? (12/19/97) In a silly Washington Post article, reporter William Booth says the air in Los Angeles is cleaner than it has been in decades. Booth mainly credits anti-pollution efforts for the improvement. But he pays only lip-service to El Nino which reportedly has flushed the skies of L.A. What articles will Booth write about air pollution in L.A. when El Nino disappears for the next 15 years? And if current anti-pollution efforts have been so successful, why is L.A. (and the rest of the country) being saddled with expensive new air quality standards. For L.A., the standards will be so expensive that EPA couldn't (or wasn't willing to) estimate their cost.

Hong Kong Flu Shows Public Health Priorities Misplaced (12/18/97) A press release from TASSC. Click here for a background article.

Doomsayer Paul Ehrlich Strikes Out Again (12/18/97) Has this guy ever been right?

No Smoking Gun for Miscarriages and Stillbirths (12/18/97) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that smoking during pregnancy is associated with low birthweight infants and increased admissions to neonatal intensive care units. But smoking during pregnancy is not associated with increased risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. [Source: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly 1997;46:1048-1050.]

Ocean Salinity and Climate Models (12/18/97) Another hole in the global climate models? Thanks to Jay Reynolds for the submission.

Toxicity from Fungicides in Mexican Backpack Sprayers (12/18/97) Does NIEHS have a problem summarizing scientific studies?

DDT and Alligator Abnormalities at Lake Apopka, Florida (12/18/97) The endocrine disruption crew tries to link DDT with alligator abnormalities at Lake Apopka. But all they really found was "elevated concentrations" of DDT metabolites in alligator eggs--not unexpected since wastewater from pesticide manufacturing processes was dumped in the Lake from 1957 to 1981. But they have no data that links the DDT metabolites with the observed abnormalities. But don't take my word for it, read it for yourself. Click here for the article.

Is Greenhouse-gas Treaty D.O.A.? (12/18/97) One can only hope...

Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (12/18/97) Read the actual Kyoto Accord (in all its ignominy).

Supreme Court Trashes Government Science (12/16/97) In its decision in General Electric Company v. Joiner, the Supreme Court judged harshly the quality of science that underlies much of our environmental and public health regulation. Look for my analysis coming soon. In the meantime, click here for the Court's decision; click here for Washington Post coverage.

The Worst Part Is, Al Gore Really Believes It (12/12/97) A Paul Gigot column on the Kyoto Accord.

Global Warming Sweepstakes Winner! (12/12/97) The Junkman is pleased to announce that Robert Finlay of Rangeley, Maine won $1,000.00 in the Junk Science Home Page's Global Warming Sweepstakes. Congratulations Bob, but it looks as if you'll need the cash to pay for the new energy taxes.

No New Taxes? (12/12/97) President Clinton and Vice President Gore have stated they will not raise taxes to meet the emission limits agreed to at Kyoto. At today's press conference Gore said that, instead, tax incentives would be pursued. But isn't a tax incentive just an stealth tax? Those who don't qualify for the incentive's tax break will be paying, in effect, higher taxes!

Diet Pills' Heart-Valve Problem Arose in Reports From Belgium (12/12/97) The latest on fen-phen hysteria.

Agreement Is Reached in Kyoto on Greenhouse Gases (12/12/97) Will the "Green Menace" succeed where the "Red Menace" failed? Here's New York Times coverage of what was agreed to in Kyoto.

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 8 (12/11/97)

A Bureacrat Explains Statistical Significance (12/10/97) Just in case you ever wondered why the Founding Fathers were in favor of limited government.

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 7 (12/10/97)

Do as Gore says, not as he does. (12/10/97) Al Gore is so concerned about the impact of fossil fuel-use on the environment that he burned more than 439,500 pounds (65,600 gallons) of fuel during a 16,000-mile daytrip to Kyoto, Japan. The purpose? A brief, non-committal speech at the global warming conference. The cost? Only $131,000. (Figures from the Drudge Report).

How We Solved Global Warming (12/09/97) A pretty funny piece from The Washington Times.

The Week That Was, November 30 - December 6, 1997 (12/09/97) The Science and Environmental Policy Project's synopsis of last week's events in Kyoto.

Damn the Science, Full Speed Ahead (12/09/97) A David Wojick-written piece reprinted with permission of the December 1997 Electricty Journal.

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 6 (12/09/97)

The heat is on... or is it? (12/09/97) Just in case you need a concise summary of global warming.

Helen Caldicott's Nuclear Hysteria (12/07/97) Click here for a nuclear meltdown by the first president of Physicians for Social Responsibility on the pages of the Los Angeles Times. Click here for the more sensible responses. Thanks to Kevin Donohoe for the heads up.

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 5 (12/06/97)

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 4 (12/06/97)

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 3 (12/06/97)

Kyoto Climate Conference - Day 2 (12/06/97)

The AMA: American Marketing Association? (12/05/97) Will the American Medical Association give up medicine for market research?

Did You Hear? Good News from Cancer Alley (12/05/97) Debunking the myth of Louisiana's "Cancer Alley."

Science Has Spoken: Global Warming Is a Myth (12/05/97) To quote Yul Brynner who played the Eqyptian pharoh Ramses in Cecil B. Demille's The Ten Commandments, "So let it be written, so let it be done."

500 Physicians, Scientists Oppose Climate Treaty (12/04/97) TASSC and ESEF collect the signatures of 500 physicians and scientists on an open letter to world leaders.

Food Safety Through Irradiation (12/04/97) The FDA approves (finally) the irradiation on meat.

Magnetic Fields Can Diminish Tamoxifen Action? (12/04/97) Will the EMF scare return to the front pages?

Asides-Hot News (12/04/97) A quick viewpoint from the Wall Street Journal on the Kyoto conference.

Kyoto Climate Conference Opens (12/02/97) A first-hand report on the first-day of the global warming conference.

How Green Was Their Greenland (12/02/97) EPA administrator Carol Browner says that global warming is real because the 90's have been the hottest years on record. But is this so?

Global Apocalypse Fantasy (12/02/97) Another Fred Singer-authored jewel.

Thoughts on Global Warming (12/02/97) Here's a perspective on global warming from a member of EPA's Clean Air Advisory Committee.

British study finds that "stings" don't work (12/01/97) Back to the drawing board for those trying to deter underage smoking?

Rice-a-Phony: A New Junk Science Treat! (11/30/97) A classic example of why statistics isn't science.

Complexities of Global Warming: What Scientists Don't Know -- And Why They Don't Know It (11/30/97) I'm surprised this article was printed in the Washington Post. I guess the newspaper's global-warming-information censors were away on Thanksgiving vacation.

The global warming police are coming for our sport-utility-vehicles (11/30/97) Here's the New York Times article about how SUVs will be "the fastest-growing source of global warming gases in the United States over the next decade, exceeding the increase in all industrial emissions combined..." So here's my plan: One if by land, two if by sea...

Dental Sealant Safety Reconsidered (11/30/97) Is your dentist wreaking havoc with your hormones?

Scientific Misconduct: Editors Seek Ways to Cope With Fraud (11/30/97) They should try reading the Junk Science Home Page for one!

A Diet Prescription For Trial Lawyers (11/25/97) From the pages of Investor's Business Daily, an op-ed by the Junkman and Hoover's Dr. Henry Miller.

Climate Disaster Bait and Pitch (11/25/97) Fred Singer's latest on global warming!

When 'Science' Is Just Hot Air (11/25/97) So what about those "2,600 scientists" that say global warming is real?

Courts Discard "Junk Science" (11/25/97) See how the federal courts are trying to get a handle on junk science.

Fruit and Brain Tumors (11/20/97) And they ask me why I don't believe weak association epidemiology.

High Levels of Genetic Change in Rodents of Chernobyl (11/20/97) Last year, scientists claimed to have found a high genetic mutation rate among rodents near Chernobyl. But... oops!... they had to retract their study!

Global Warming "Science:" Res Ipsa Loquitur (11/19/97) Let the weakness in the global warming "science" speak for itself.

Dioxin a "Known" Carcinogen? (11/19/97) The National Toxicology Program's external peer review panel has recommended that 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin be upgraded from "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen" to "known to be a human carcinogen." I guess the panel must have missed this new study.

EPA's Peer-review Perversion (11/19/97) A little late, but here's an article on the EPA's new air pollution standards from Public Risk magazine.

Fatheads? (11/18/97) The food police go after margarine.

Cancer in the Children of Radiation Workers (11/18/97) A 1990-vintage scare laid to rest.

Frogs Need Coppertone? (11/17/97) Click here for a Washington Post article on new EPA research which theorizes that increased UV radiation from ozone depletion may be causing the frog deformities we've been hearing about. But even if there is some link between the deformities and UV radiation, how do they know the UV is from ozone depletion? Was last year's sunburn was caused by ozone depletion or just overexposure? Is the solution to spray sunblock on Minnesota lakes?

Air Pollution and Mortality in Philadelphia (11/14/97) Philadelphia has both air pollution and mortality. But are the two linked?

Depression and Heart Attack Risk (11/14/97) I'm starting to think one can present virtually ANY findings at an American Heart Association meeting.

Apocalypse Not (11/13/97) Don't hold your breath waiting for a global warming- induced epidemic of malaria.

Science with a Happier Face (11/13/97) A Leonard Larsen op-ed from The Washington Times.

Rise in Asthma Cases (11/13/97) More thinking on the real (as opposed to EPA-declared) causes for the increase in asthma.

Pope-a-Dope? (11/13/97) Did EPA take its air pollution strategy from Muhammed Ali?

Science and the Au Pair Trial (11/12/97) Junk science is EVERYWHERE.

The Sky Isn't Falling and the Sea Isn't Rising (11/10/97) Another informative op-ed from Dr. Fred Singer.

Underestimated Radiation Exposure: Overestimated Radiation Risk? (11/9/97) A report by an anti-nuclear group blows up in its face?

Kangaroo Court: The Working Group on Public Health and Fossil Fuel Combustion (11/8/97) Conveniently timed junk science claims 8 million will die unless a climate treaty is signed.

$3 Million Study of Gulf War Illnesses Criticized (11/8/97) Our Pentagon has bypassed competitive procedures in picking a researcher who sees several 'syndromes.' And we wonder where junk science comes from!

Fallout from Green Hot Air (11/8/97) Nuclear power is bad for us, but okay for the Chinese?

The Environment Made Me Do It (11/8/97) An Alston Chase-update on environmental scares.

Weight Gain and Breast Cancer (11/8/97) Another travesty from the Nurses Health Study.

Tobacco Funding Isn't Hazardous To Your Health (11/8/97) But heavy-handed government may be.

Bugs in the Color Additive Scare (11/7/97) An old color additive causes a new allergy?

Sun May Prevent Breast Cancer? (11/7/97) Another kooky theory designed to exploit a great fear among women.

Nobel Politicized Award in Chemistry (11/3/97) A Fred Singer-authored letter-to- the-editor of The Wall Street Journal!

Colleagues Say Frog Deformity Researchers Leaped Too Soon (11/3/97) So how surprised can you be?

Bid to Absolve Saccharin Is Rebuffed by U.S. Panel (11/1/97) Despite evidence to the contrary, a panel of advisors to the National Toxicology Program voted 4-to-3 to keep the artificial sweetener saccharin listed as cancer-causing. But I'd say this was more of a vote to allow the NTP to keep practicing voodoo-toxicology!

Diet-Drug Mystery Grows As New Research Data Emerge (10/31/97) Is fen/phen hysteria turning out to be Silicone Breast Implants II? New data on heart valve disease may disrupt the plans of personal injury lawyers and be more egg on FDA's face!

Study Reports No DDT-Breast Cancer Link (10/31/97) Click here for the New England Journal of Medicine study. Click here for the editorial by Texas A&M's Stephen Safe. Click here for the New York Times article.

Genome Study Maps Chemical Sensitivity (10/31/97) Here's the Nature article about new junk science in the making from NIEHS. Despite not knowing that chemical sensitivity even exists, NIEHS plans to study it on the genetic level.

Saccharin May Be Delisted From NIH's Carcinogen List (10/30/97) One of the original cancer scares is about to bite the dust.

Cooler Heads Discuss Global Warming (10/30/97) The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray wrote in a recent column that "Global isn't just a fear;it's a fact..." Here are the letters-to-the-editor in response.

Frequent Consumption of Red Meat Is Not A Risk Factor for Cancer (10/28/97) In case you didn't understand that title, here's a British Medical Journal letter-to-the-editor.

Are We Being Snowed? (10/27/97) According to The New York Times, as late as Friday, weather forecasters were predicting 4 to 5 inches of snow for Colorado. They got 48 inches over the weekend. So how much confidence do you have in our ability to predict global temperature 100 years from now?

Trick or Treat from the CDC (10/27/97) Trick or treat, smell my feet, CDC is trying to cheat!

Secondhand Joking (10/27/97) U.K. researchers tell an old EPA joke!

House Panel Critical Of Pentagon Gulf War Syndrome Inquiry (10/27/97) The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs haven't come up with the "right" answer in their investigations of "Gulf Lore (I mean 'War') Syndrome." So the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight is calling for a new agency to investigate. But since the House Committee already apparently knows what the "right" answer is, why don't they just tell us instead of wasting more time and taxpayer dollars?

Trial Lawyers Rush to Turn Diet-Pill Ills Into Fast Money (10/25/97) Personal injury lawyers love junk science!

Global Politics, Political Warming (10/25/97) More on global warming from The Washington Times.

By Faith Alone (10/24/97) From The Wall Street Journal, President Clinton's global climate change policy has no basis in science. So let's trust him anyway?

The Anti-tobacco Campaign of the Nazis: A Little Known Aspect of Public Health in Germany 1933-1945 (10/23/97) From the British Medical Journal, find out why the term "public health Nazi" is not necessarily hyperbole!

U.S. Life Expectancy at an All-Time High (10/23/97) Here's the U.S. government report that says we're living longer than ever before!

Secondhand Smoke-and-Mirrors Update. In June 1997, a study published in Circulation said secondhand smoke doubled the risk of heart attack. But the Harvard junk scientists did not adequately consider other risk factors potentially responsible for the observed statistical association. New research strengthens this criticism. European researchers now say low dietary intake of lycopene (or some other highly correlated substance found in common foods like tomatoes) doubles the risk of heart attack. [Source: Epidemiology 1997;146:618-626.] SO... low lycopene intake potentially could account for the ENTIRE secondhand smoke/heart attack association.

Dihydrogen Monoxide: Unrecognized Killer (10/22/97) I received a million e-mails about this story. Here it is!

Dioxin Update from Seveso (10/21/97) Bad news for EPA and IARC on the dioxin front!

Infant Immunization and Childhood Asthma (10/21/97) Is a non-EPA-approved pattern of information emerging to explain the increase in childhood asthma?

Rushing Like Lemmings to Kyoto (10/19/97) A look at leadership in the climate change debate.

Calculating the Costs (10/19/97) A look at climate change costs.

A Victory in the Battle Against Junk Science! (10/17/97) But will EPA reinstate in its cancer risk assessment guidelines the requirement that study results be statistically significant?

Rudy Baum: Official Censor of the American Chemical Society? (10/17/97) Should American Chemical Society members take action against this rogue censor?

EPA Scientists Find Agency Has Overstated Risk Posed by Atrazine (10/17/97) So what else is new?

Upcoming CDC Report Downplays Health Threat from Mercury Exposure (10/17/97) Will CDC rain on EPA's party?

The Population Implosion (10/17/97) Is overpopulation inevitable?

The Pentagon's Newest Enemy: Hot Air (10/17/97) Will the Pentagon declare war on the upcoming Kyoto climate change treaty?

Epidemiologists Vote to Keep Doing Junk Science (10/17/97) Democracy at its worst?

Doctored Affirmative Action Data (10/16/97) A recent study claims affirmative action does not affect doctor quality. But is this so?

Michael Jacobson and Food Irradiation: A Rebuttal (10/16/97) USA TODAY recently printed a point-counterpoint on food irradiation. USA TODAY was for food irradiation. Michael Jacobson of Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) was against it. But did his argument make sense? One Junk Science Home Page visitor thinks not.

Relative Risks Are Inflated in Published Literature (10/14/97) Useful tips for understanding relative risk in this letter to the British Medical Journal.

Tobacco-sales Laws and Teen Smoking (10/10/97) Bad news for smoking hysterics. This New England Journal of Medicine article reports tobacco sales laws may not decrease teen smoking.

The Health Care Costs of Smoking (10/10/97) More bad news for smoking hysterics. This New England Journal of Medicine article reports stopping smoking increases health care costs over the long term.

Most State Climatologists Question Manmade Global Warming (10/10/97) Check out this new poll of scientists who actually specialize in climatology!

Gun Safe Storage Laws and Child Mortality Due to Firearms (10/10/97) Safe storage of guns is obviously a good idea. But do we need junk science-justified laws?

Climate Change - Thinking Widely, Working Locally, Acting Personally (10/9/97) From the pages of the British Medical Journal, read how global warming advocates want us to go back to the 19th century.

Peer Review: Reform or Revolution? (10/9/97) Peer review is not what it's cracked up to be. Here's what some are doing about it.

Clean Air Skepticism (10/8/97) From the pages of Science, just a reminder about the junk science aspects of EPA's new air pollution standards.

Happiness is a Warm Planet (10/8/97) The notion that man is heating up the planet is utter nonsense and utterly unproven. But even assuming it wasn't, a little warming might be good for us.

How About a Tony for Best Asbestos-Related Script? (10/8/97) Here's some insight into the asbestos lawsuit industry.

Airbag Capitulation (10/8/97) An Eric Peters op-ed on air bags.

Breast Cancer Awareness May Carry Its Own Risks (10/7/97) The beginning of this New York Times article is pretty good as far as putting breast cancer risk in perspective. But the end, where it talks about breast cancer risk factors, is a jumble of junk science.

Nature's Mad Cow Witchhunt? (10/7/97) Before solving the riddle of mad cow disease, Nature magazine looks to name names.

Rudy in Disguise (As a Journalist) (10/7/97) Ever wonder why Chemical & Engineering News' coverage of the climate change controversy is so biased? Read the words of the magazine's managing idiotor (Oops...I mean "editor").

Making Food Safe (10/3/97) A USA TODAY debate on food irradiation.

This is CNN? (10/3/97) Ted Turner married "Hanoi" Jane Fonda. Strike 1. Ted Turner donated $1 billion to the bloated, bureaucratic U.N. Strike 2. Now, Ted Turner has yanked anti-climate change treaty commercials from CNN. Strike 3, Ted. You're outta here!

We're Between Ice Ages, So Relax (10/3/97) Read this geologist's letter-to-the-editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Old Growth Claim Isn't Rooted in Fact (10/3/97) Read about old vs. new growth forests in this letter-to-the-editor of The Wall Street Journal.

The White House (of Horrors) and Global Climate Change (10/3/97) On October 1, President Clinton and Vice President Gore entertained television weathermen with their global warming act. Here are three related articles. In this Wall Street Journal article, President Clinton thinks out loud about what Chelsea's grandchildren would want him to do. And the Veep goes religious. In another Wall Street Journal article, the weathermen seem to know they're being scammed. In the last article from The Washington Times, the Vice President seems to think the answer to global warming is birth control (i.e., fewer people means less pollution). I wonder if he had thought about that before he had four children of his own. Too bad we can't go back in time and sterilize Al Gore Sr.?

New Mad Cow Research (10/2/97) The new research on mad cow disease may raise more questions than it answers.

AHP Challenges New Data Supporting Diet-Drug Recall (10/2/97) Facing an onslaught of lawsuit-filing personal injury lawyers, the manufacturer of the diet drug combination fen/phen gets serious about science. But why is the FDA hiding the data?

Keeping the Hetero AIDS Ogre Alive (10/2/97) Here's a Michael Fumento follow-up to his book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS.

Regulatory Treadmill (10/2/97) The low- down on those dopey automobile emissions tests.

Nuke Fallout Questions Get More Air Time (10/2/97) Although no data supports him, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Ia) "knows" U.S. nuclear tests caused cancers. Here's the USA TODAY coverage of this week's Senate hearing.

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