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Harvard Researcher Admits Bad Dietary Advice Sent Patients to Early Graves
February 14, 2005,

The New York Times quoted Harvard University researcher Walter Willett as admitting that dietary advice he dispensed to patients in the 1980s caused their premature deaths.

In the Feb. 13 Times article entitled, "Once Praised, Fat Substitute Is Pushed Out of the Kitchen,” Willett recounted how he and colleagues advised patients to replace saturated fats, like coconut oil and butter, with oil containing trans fats.

“When I was a physician in the 1980s, that’s what I was telling people to do and unfortunately we were often sending them to their graves prematurely,” the Times quoted Willet as saying.

Willett, ironically, is now leading the charge against trans fats -- a crusade that is as dubious as was the mindless crusade against saturated fats.

People relied on ill-informed advice dispensed by Willett and his colleagues in the 1980s and now, according to Willett himself, those people are dead because of it.

If he was fatally wrong then, why give him the benefit of the doubt now?

Are you willing to trust your and your family's health to Willett and his junk science-fueled bretheran?

Below are links for further reading on the trans fat controversy.

Want to know even more about the infamous Walter Willett's antics? Try these links:

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