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Japan Sweats for Global Warming, 09/13/07

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Baby Video a No-No?, 08/23/07

Atlantic Panic Debunked, 08/16/07

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Carbon Offsets -- Buyer Beware, 07/19/07

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Climate Activists' Credibility Gap, 06/21/07

Hold the Line on Global Warming, 06/18/07

Military Suicide Study Mystery, 06/14/07

Diabetes Drug Scare or Scam?, 06/07/07

Earth-Friendly Greens Camouflaging the Poor's Plight, 05/31/07

Hot Air Study Melts Global Warming Theory, 05/24/07

Dying for Better Gas Mileage, 05/17/07

Climate-Controlled Classroom?, 05/10/07

Green Gas-Lighting?, 05/03/07

Light Bulb Lunacy, 04/26/07
Washington Times, 05/03/07

DDT Backlash Begins, 04/19/07

Canít See the Warming for the Trees, 04/12/07

Global Warming and the Supremes, 04/05/07
Washington Times, 04/08/07

Sperm Count Beef?, 03/29/07

Al Gore's Congressional Lovefest, 03/22/07
Washington Times, 03/25/07

Must-See Global Warming TV, 03/15/07

Al Gore's Inconvenient Electric Bill, 03/08/07

The Mega-Vitamin Mega-Myth, 03/01/07

Climate Alarmists Abuse 'Children', 02/22/07

Unsustainable Environmentalism, 02/16/07

Scare Science: When Facts Don't Matter
New York Post, 02/15/07

Climate Bills Are Self-defeating, 02/09/07

Climate Change's Carnival Atmosphere, 02/02/07

Beware the Eco-Industrial Complex, 01/26/07
Washington Times, 01/31/07

Asbestos Fireproofing Might Have Prevented World Trade Center Collapse, 01/19/07

Eco-Intimidation Bypasses Scientific Debate, 01/12/07

Trading Hot Air?, 01/05/07

Polar Bear Meltdown?, 12/29/06
Washington Times, 12/31/06

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 12/22/06
Washington Times, 01/02/07

Top Ten Junk Science Moments for 2006, 12/15/06

Proposed trans fat ban based on a lot of junk science
Chicago Sun-Times, 12/14/06

New York City Bans Science, 12/08/06

What Hurricane Season?, 12/01/06
National Post, 12/02/06

Cranberry Health Claims: A Thanksgiving Turkey?, 11/24/06

No Beef to Breast Cancer Scare, 11/17/06

Trans Fat Hysteria Could Be Lawsuit Bonanza, 11/10/06

Celebs Mislead Californians on Air Pollution Threat, 11/03/06

Bad Climate Science Yields Worse Economics, 10/27/06

Fishy Dietary Advice, 10/20/06

New Research Adds Twist to Global Warming Debate, 10/13/06
Washington Times, 10/18/06
Segye Times (South Korea), 10/24/06

Organic Milk Industry Reveals Hypocrisy, 10/06/06

Enviros Target Target, 09/29/06

Day of Reckoning for DDT Foes?, 09/22/06
Washington Times, 09/25/06
Financial Post, 09/27/06
Segye Times (South Korea), 09/27/06

Lance Armstrong's Self-Inflicted Cancer?, 09/15/06

Green CEOs Bad for Business, 09/08/06

Weathering Hurricane Hysteria, 09/01/06

Boomers Targeted in New Waistline Scare, 08/25/06

Politicized Science Produces Bad Public Policy, 08/18/06

False Alarm: A Report on the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 1971-2006, 08/14/06

The Other Side of the Soda Fat Scare Story, 08/11/06
Washington Times, 08/15/06

Ross Gelbspan: Still Lying About the Pulitzer Prize, 08/06/06

Ground Zero Sickness Study Uses Old Data, 08/04/06

California AG Puts Climate Skeptics on Trial
National Post, 08/02/06, 08/01/06

The EPA's Polluted Science, 07/28/06

PETA: Sacrifice Human, Not Animal Life for Medical Research, 07/21/06

EPA's Never Ending Dioxin Scare, 07/14/06

Bald Eagle-DDT Myth Still Flying High, 07/07/06

Hank Paulson Was Thrown Softballs
Human Events, 07/06/06

The Right to Bear Firecrackers..., 06/30/06

Toilet Bowl Cancer Scare Deserves A Good Flush, 06/23/06

Trans Fat Lawsuit Against KFC Based on Thin Science, 06/16/06

Treasury Nominee Hank Paulson Needs to Answer Some Questions
Human Events, 06/13/06

Canned Tuna Pregnancy Scare Smells Fishy, 06/09/06

Does Manure Make a Farm a Superfund Site?, 06/02/06
Washington Times, 06/05/06

Treasury Nominee Is Ideologically, Ethically Challenged
Human Events, 05/30/06

Global Warming Skeptic Claims Environmental Conversion, 05/26/06

Congress Overlooks Stem Cell Fraud and Futility, 05/19/06

What's Your Real 'Carbon Footprint'?, 05/12/06
Lake Sun Leader, 05/19/06

DDT: A Weapon of Mass Survival, 05/05/06

'Green' Politicians Add to Gas Price Woes, 04/28/06

The Greenhouse Myth, 04/21/06
San Diego Union-Tribune, 04/21/06

Twenty Years After Chernobyl, 04/14/06

Top Ten Junk Science Stories of the Past Decade, 04/07/06

Senate Sets Up Lopsided Global Warming 'Debate', 03/31/06

Ford's Appeasement Backfires, 03/24/06

Hot Air Hysteria, 03/17/06
The Free Lance-Star, 04/21/06

EPA Whips Up Air Pollution Scare, 03/10/06

No Beef in Meat Packaging Controversy, 03/06/06

Weak Energy Week, 02/24/06
The Spectrum, 03/06/06

Kyoto's Quiet Anniversary, 02/17/06

Low-Fat Diet Myth Busted, 02/10/06

Woodpecker Racket?, 02/03/06

FDA May Make Breathing Difficult for Asthmatics, 01/27/06

Food Police Indict SpongeBob, 01/20/06

Plants Bad for the Environment? Celebrities Causing Frogs to Croak?, 01/13/06
Washington Times, 01/19/06

Energy, A Potent Political Weapon, 01/06/06

The Top 10 Junk Science Claims of 2005, 12/30/05

A Junk Science Christmas Carol, 12/23/05

Top Ten Worst Moments for Free Enterprise in 2005
Human Events, 12/16/05

Lead Did in Beethoven?, 12/16/05

Politically Incorrect Plastic, 12/09/05

Global Warming Blues, 12/02/05

Market-Based Environmentalism Is An Oxymoron, 11/25/05

U.S. Should Not Import European Laws, 11/18/05

Global Warming on the Cover of Rolling Stone, 11/11/05

Global Warming's Worriers and Zeroes, 11/07/05

Flu Proposal Misguided, 11/04/05

Gas price madness
Washington Times, 10/31/05
New York Post, 11/01/05

DDT Is Only Real Weapon to Combat Malaria, 10/28/05

Wilma Is Not Global Warming, 10/21/05

What Arctic Warming?, 10/14/05

Anti-Biotech Film a 'Crockumentary', 10/07/05

EPA Rules Raise Gas Prices, 09/30/05

Study Disproves Antibacterial Soap Scare, 09/23/05

Senate Barely Squelches Mercury Panic, 09/16/05

Global Warmers Recruit Insurance Industry, 09/09/05

Katrina Kicks Up Storm of Global Warming Debate, 09/02/05

Another Stem Cell Fast One, 08/26/05

Last implant gasp?
Washington Times, 08/21/05

Global Warming Doubt Dispelled? Not Really, 08/19/05

Pesticides Not a Threat to Students, 08/05/05

Tree Ring Circus, 07/29/05

Stem Cell Smoke and Mirrors, 07/22/05

No Fiz in Soda Scare, 07/15/05

Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake?, 07/08/05

Merrill Lynch Pushes Global Warming Bubble, 07/01/05

Rock Stars' Activism Could Be Put to Better Use, 06/24/05

Businesses Giving Away the Store on Global Warming
New York Sun, 06/20/05

Global Warming Heats Up in Senate, 06/17/05

SEIU Using Intimidation To Expand Membership Rolls
New York Sun, 06/13/05

Enviros, Homeland Security Threaten Drinking Water Safety, 06/10/05

Greens Are the Real Energy Problem, 06/03/05
Washington Times, 06/07/05

PETA or Medical Research?, 05/27/05

JP Morgan's Pretend Investors
New York Sun, 05/23/05

World's First Global Thermometer, 05/20/05

GE's Dangerous Gimmick
New York Sun, 05/16/05

PETA Gets to Your Kids, 05/13/05

Wal-Mart's Union Problems
New York Sun, 05/09/05

Obesity Hysteria Survives Despite Official Debunking, 05/06/05
Washington Times, 05/10/05

JP Morgan Becomes Tool of Green Activists
New York Sun, 05/02/05

Time to End the Breast Implant Circus, 04/29/05

Anheuser-Busch Trapped In Social-Issue Snare
New York Sun, 04/25/05

California's Bogus Baby Bottle Scare, 04/22/05

'Best Corporate Citizen' Is a Dubious Distinction
New York Sun, 04/18/05

Vaccine Disease Protections Outweigh Side Effects, 04/15/05

Investment Consulting Firm Pushes Activists' Agenda
New York Sun, 04/11/05

Global Warming Tax, 04/08/05

Activists Push Kyoto Protocol Company by Company
New York Sun, 04/04/05

Vaccination-Autism Link Unproven, 03/31/05

Coffee Chain's Whiskey Deal Angers Pax
New York Sun, 03/28/05

Bank Must Take Stand for Third World, 03/25/05

It's Decision Time for J.P. Morgan Chase's CEO
New York Sun, 03/21/05

Second Global Warming Treaty Makes Less Sense Than First, 03/18/05
Washington Times, 03/24/05

Anti-Business Activists Begin To Squirm
New York Sun, 03/14/05

Mercury Rises Over EPA Pollution Rules, 03/11/05

NASCAR Knocked By Lead-Heads, 03/04/05

The Subliminal Corporate Takeover
New York Sun, 03/03/05

Fair Hearing for Breast Implants?, 02/25/05
Washington Times, 03/03/05

Merck's Costly Withdrawal
New York Sun, 02/24/05

Kyoto Count-Up, 02/18/05

Warning for CEOs: Global Warming Is in Junk Mail
New York Sun, 02/17/05

The U.N.'s Neo-Prohibitionists, 02/11/05

Blocking Activists' Trojan Horse
New York Sun, 02/11/05

EPA Makes Public Pay for More Smog, 02/04/05
Washington Times, 02/07/05

Introducing the Chief Appeasement Officer
New York Sun, 02/03/05

Scientists Stonewall on Spurious Soda Scare, 01/28/05

Turning Children Against Business
New York Sun, 01/27/05

U.N.: No 'Natural' Disasters?, 01/21/05

No Beef Behind Red-Meat Cancer Scare, 01/14/05

President Could Help Tsunami Victims With Stroke of Pen, 01/07/05
Washington Times, 01/09/05

Environmentalists Surf Tsunami Tragedy (revised) 01/11/05, 12/31/04
Financial Post, 12/31/04
Washington Times, 01/06/05

Better Arthritis Drugs Needed | Fat But Not Fit?, 12/24/04

Kyoto Controversy Continues, 12/17/04

A Few Beefs With Anti-Meatheads, 12/10/04

EPA to Allow Pesticide Testing on Humans, 12/03/04

Obesity Turkey/Vioxx Over-Reaction, 11/26/04

Smoggy Statistics, 11/19/04

Polar Bear Scare on Thin Ice, 11/12/04
Washington Times
, 11/14/04

Sex, Not Science, Featured at Public Health Meeting, 11/05/04

Science-Politics Tension Dates Back Centuries, 10/29/04

Activists, Not Global Warming, a Third-World Threat, 10/22/04

California's Stem Cell Scam, 10/17/04
National Post, 10/20/04

Bush, Kerry and the Environment, 10/08/04

Prop. 71: the stem-cell sham
Orange County Register
, 10/07/04

Suburbs Don't Pose Health Risk, 10/01/04

Snack Foods Don't Fatten Kids, 09/24/04

Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem, 09/17/04

Cool Summer Gives Global Warmers the Freeze, 09/10/04

Government Questions Obesity Scare, 09/03/04
Washington Times, 09/10/04

Soda, Diabetes Linked by Scientific Misconduct?, 08/27/04
Washington Times, 09/05/04
Orange County Register, 09/13/04

Enviros Blame Bush for WTC Health Hazards, 08/20/04

Study Linking Whiteners, Cancer Has Cavities, 08/13/04

Scientist Who Warned Against DDT Ban Dies, 08/06/04

Toxic Waste Site Secrets, 07/30/04
Washington Times, 08/03/04

Chesapeake Bay Needs Science, Not Slogans, 07/23/04

Ron Reagan Wrong on Stem Cells, 07/16/04

Injustice at the Justice Department, 07/09/04
National Post
, 07/12/04

Science 'Integrity' Award a Laugh Again, 07/02/04

Have a Coke and a Waistline, 06/25/04

Coconuts in Wyoming?, 06/18/04
Washington Times, 06/25/04

Reagan's Regulatory Reform, 06/11/04

Global Warmers Adopt New Tactic, 06/04/04
Chicago Sun Times, 06/07/04
Washington Times, 06/14/04

Anti-Meat Activists Target School Lunches, 05/28/04

Lawsuits, Alcohol Advertising and Money, 05/21/04

Monsanto Caves to Activists on Biotech Wheat, 05/14/04

Enviros Exploit Mother's Day With Mercury Scare, 05/07/04

Polluted People?, 04/30/04
Orange County Register, 05/18/04

This Earth Day, Progress Worth Celebrating, 04/23/04

Renewable Energy, Enviros and New Job Creation, 04/16/04

No Mad Cow at New Jersey Racetrack, 04/09/04

Chlorine Crackdown Causes Lead Leaks, 04/02/04
Washington Times, 04/06/04

Global Warming: The Movie, 03/26/04

Pharmaceutical Fantasy, 03/19/04

Obesity Obsession, 03/12/04
Washington Times, 03/14/04

Antibacterial Reports Cause Public Health Scare, 03/05/04

Enviros Commence Election-Year Attack, 02/27/04

Antibiotic Link To Cancer Is Baloney, 02/20/04
Washington Times, 02/25/04

Feds Press Salt Assault, 02/13/04

Has Kerry Helped Vietnam Sue Over Agent Orange?, 02/06/04

Atkins Attack, 01/30/04
Washington Times, 02/01/04

Tobacco Animal Farm, 01/23/04
Pioneer Press, 02/05/04

Eco-Extremism, Not Science, Behind Fishy Salmon Scare, 01/16/04
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 01/25/03

The Energy Bill's Bright Side, 01/09/04

Don't Have A Cow
Los Angeles Times, 01/02/04
Newsday, 01/06/04
The Hartford Courant, 01/06/04
Philadelphia Inquirer
, 01/06/04
The Record (Bergen, NJ), 01/06/04
Dodge City Daily Globe, 01/06/04
Tampa Tribune, 01/06/04
Times-Union (Albany, NY), 01/06/04
Press & Dakotan, 01/07/04
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
, 01/08/04
Decatur Daily Democrat, 01/08/04
The Record (Ontario), 01/11/04
Roanoke Times,¬ VA
, 01/11/04
Detroit News
, 01/11/04
Windsor Star (Ontario)
, 01/16/04

Still No Beef to Mad Cow Mania, 01/02/04

Fishy Mercury Warning, 12/26/03
Washington Times, 1/2/04

Arsenic-laced Presidential Campaign?, 12/19/03

Smithsonian Wrongs Wrights ... Again, 12/12/03
Wall Street Journal, 12/12/03
Washington Times,

Eco-Imperialism's Deadly Consequences, 12/05/03, 12/05/03

Trash-Talking Landfill Safety, 11/28/03

Ballistic Over Botox, 11/21/03

Did Sept. 11 Cause Heart Attacks?, 11/14/03

Food Labels Won't Cure Obesity, 11/07/03
Washington Times, 11/10/03

Enviros fan California's flames, 10/31/03

Hit and Run Pesticide News, 10/24/03

The Implant Axis
Wall Street Journal, 10/20/03

Secondhand Smoke Scam, 10/17/03

Global Warming Litigation Heating Up, 10/10/03

Everglades Cleanup Exposes Environmentalists, 10/03/03

Prohibitionists Write Federal Alcohol Report, 09/26/03

Snack Attack, 09/19/03

Hillary's Sept. 11 Smoke Screen, 09/12/03
New York Post, 09/11/03

KFC Chickens Out to PETA, 09/05/03

Mars and the Eco-Inquisition, 08/28/03

EPA Ignores Congress in Power Grab, 08/22/03
Washington Times, 08/26/03

California Recall Burns Flame Retardant, 08/15/03

Exploiting 9/11 Babies, 08/08/03
New York Post, 08/08/03

Global Warming Not a WMD, 08/01/03

How NOW on Breast Implants?, 07/25/03
Washington Times, 07/30/03

Truth in Advertising, 07/18/03

Integrity in Science Award is Neither, 07/11/03

Ben & Jerry's New Scam, 07/04/03

McJunk Science: Over Five Billion Fooled, 06/27/03

Pesticide-Sperm Count Link Is Impotent, 06/20/03

EPA: Freaky Frogs Not Linked With Herbicide, 06/13/03
National Post, 06/14/03

Cancer Miracle or Mirage?, 06/06/03

Hormone Therapy, Alzheimer's Link Is Premature, 05/30/03

Mad Cow Mania, 05/23/03
National Post, 05/23/03

Kooky Cookie Lawsuit, 05/16/03

Chemical Plant Insecurity, 05/09/03

Waistline Police Pull a Fasting One, 05/02/03

World Health Baloney, 04/25/03
Washington Times, 04/28/03
National Post, 04/26/03

Iraq War Not Over for Junk Scientists, 04/18/03

Physician-Activists Socially Irresponsible on War, 04/11/03

PETA: No Porpoise in War, 04/04/03

Environmentalists AWOL on Saddam, 03/28/03

Anthrax Mass Bioterror: More Fret Than Threat, 03/21/03

Iraqi Oil Well Fires Not a Major Health Threat, 03/14/03

Nevada Cancer Scare Is Tree-Ring Circus, 03/07/03

Consumer Watchdog: Vinyl Toys Are Just Ducky, 02/28/03

Better suing through chemicals
Washington Times,

Mercury Scare Rising, 02/21/03

Playground Wood: Cancer Cause or Consumer Scare?, 02/14/03

Did PC Science Cause Shuttle Disaster?, 02/07/03
Washington Times,
New York Post, 02/07/03

The Kids and Chemicals Scam, 01/31/03

McDonald's Lawsuit Deep-Fried for Now, 01/24/03

Greens to Launch New Scare Campaign, 01/17/03

Beyond Belief, 01/10/03

Federal Nannies Go on New Year's Binge, 1/3/03
Washington Times, 01/07/03

Junk Science Oscars, 12/27/02

Scientists Should Decide Silicone Safety, 12/20/02

Feds Scare Public With Cancer 'Causes', 12/13/02

Fake Fat, Fake Fears, 12/06/02

Midwest Plants Don't Cause Northeast Smog, 11/28/02
Chicago Sun-Times,
New York Post,
Indianapolis Star,
Washington Times,

Drugged Driving Hopes, 11/22/02

Salt Assault, 11/15/02
Washington Times, 11/29/02

Freaky-Frog Fraud, 11/08/02

Global Warmers Admit No Solutions, 11/01/02

Beware Drug Company Marketing, 10/25/02

How Reliable Is Ballistic Fingerprinting?, 10/18/02
New York Post, 10/28/02
Orange County Register, 10/22/02
Washington Times, 10/21/02

Small Pox Threat Exaggerated, Part II, 10/11/02

Cell Phone Suit Gets Bad Reception, 10/04/02

Clean-Up Confusion, 09/27/02

Dirt-Asthma Link Needs Scrubbing, 09/20/02

What Makes an 'Expert' an Expert?, 09/13/02

McJunk Science
The Wall Street Journal, 09/09/02
Chicago Sun-Times, 09/09/02

Desperate Activists, Desperate Ads, 09/06/02

The Other Fake Meat, 08/30/02

Stop Scaring the Mentally Ill, 08/23/02

DDT Could Thwart West Nile Virus, 08/16/02
Washington Times, 08/16/02
Chicago Sun-Times, 08/25/02

Ground Zero Research Boondoggle, 08/09/02
New York Post
, 08/13/02

Hormone Hysteria or Hype?, 08/02/02

Organic Industry's Thin Skin, 07/26/02

IV-Bag Scare Drips Junk Science, 07/19/02

The Fat Police Indict Margarine, 07/12/02

Irradiated Mail Syndrome?, 07/05/02

French Fry Scare, Part II, 06/27/02
Washington Times, 07/03/02

Rethinking DDT, 06/20/02

Cloning Hype Offers False Hope, 06/13/02
Washington Times, 06/16/02

Global Warming Fears Must Cool Down, 06/06/02

WTC Rescuers Not Exposed to Toxics, 05/30/02

Don't Hold the Pizza Just Yet, 05/23/02

What is WHO Doing?, 05/16/02

Mercury Ban Promotes Lawsuits, Not Health, 05/10/02

Allergy Drug Scare Unfounded, 05/02/02

The Great Potato Chip Scare, 04/25/02

Frog Study Leaps to Conclusions, 04/18/02

College Drinking Study Is Intoxicating Scam, 04/11/02
Washington Times, 04/18/02

Fat Police Raid Classroom, 04/04/02
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 04/03/02

TV & Violence: Strong Bond or Weak Link?, 03/28/02

A Cost-Benefit Analysis, 03/21/02

When Does Activism Become Terrorism?, 03/14/02

EPA Lung Cancer Study Based on Faulty Data, 03/07/02
National Post, 03/08/02
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 03/14/02

Reporter Scares Readers With Dubious Diabetes Study, 02/28/02

New Nutrition Book Choking on Bad Science, 02/21/02

Make Sure Drugs Work, 02/14/02

Firefighters' Honor At Risk
New York Post, 02/14/02

Bioterror Boondoggle, 02/08/02

Women Confused By Conflicting Mammogram Data, 02/01/02

Stem Cell Panel Has Vested Interest in Research, 01/25/02
Washington Times, 01/31/02

Junk Science
Salt Lake Tribune, 01/22/02

Formula for a Scam, 01/18/02

Ringling CEO targets animal activists in ad
Chicago Sun-Times, 01/14/02

World Trade Center Syndrome, 01/11/02
New York Post, 01/17/02
Washington Times, 01/24/02

Spitzer's Smog
New York Post, 01/11/02

Bio-terror Hucksters, 01/04/02
Washington Times, 01/07/02

Homeless Data Based on Politics, Not Numbers, 12/28/01
New York Post, 12/26/01

Animal Rights Activists Unleashed, 12/20/01

The Feds: Terrorizing With Fat, 12/13/01
Washington Times, 12/16/01

When Environmental and Political Science Clash, 12/06/01

Government pushes 'power-drunk, anti-alcohol agenda'
Washington Times, 12/04/01

It Might Not Have Been a Clone, 11/30/01
Washington Times, 12/3/01

The CDC's Public Health Turkeys, 11/21/01

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's ... Soda?, 11/16/01
Washington Times, 11/15/01
Charlotte Observer, 11/18/01

EPA Program Based on False Information, 11/9/01

Don't Blame Sodas for Kids' Obesity
Los Angeles Times, 11/05/01

Flu Shot Frenzy Not Anthrax Answer, 11/2/01
Washington Times, 11/05/01

Health Officials Not to Blame in Anthrax Deaths, 10/26/01
Washington Times, 10/30/01

Correcting Smallpox Alarmism
Wall Street Journal, 10/29/01

Misinformation Is Real Anthrax Danger, 10/19/01
New York Post, 10/19/01

Concerns Vs. Chaos in the Anthrax Scare, 10/12/01
Washington Times, 10/15/01
New York Post, 10/12/01

Smallpox Attack Exaggerated, 10/05/01
Washington Times, 10/7/01
New York Post, 10/5/01

Bio-Terror Fear More Costly Than Attacks, 09/28/01

Asbestos Column Raised Awareness, 09/21/01

Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives, 09/14/01

The Dirty Business of Sowing Mammography Doubt, 09/07/01

Dairy Industry Tries to Scare the Fizz Out of Soda Sales, 08/31/01

Activist Attention Disorder, 08/24/01

Federal Research Rat Hole, 08/17/01

Medical Journals Hooked on Drug Money, 08/10/01

Scare-Mongering Over 'Hillybilly Heroin' Deprives the Rest of Us, 08/05/01
New York Post, 08/01/01

Fishy Tales About Frogs and Fanatical Global-Warmers, 07/27/01

Nobel, Schmobel; Who Died and Made Them Experts?, 07/20/01

Don't worry: Climate changes naturally
USA Today, 07/19/01

Fat-Free America?, 07/13/01

Audubon's Fly-by-Night Pesticide Campaign, 07/06/01

Bleeding N.Y.C. - For Profit
New York Post, 06/29/01

Animal Rights, Research Wrongs, 06/28/01

Congress Working Hard to Make Schools Safe for Roaches and Rodents, 06/21/01

At Least the Biotech Terrorists Are Consistent ... They're Always Wrong, 06/14/01
National Post, 06/15/01

Bush Push for Son of Kyoto is Misguided, 06/07/01
National Post, 06/08/01
Washington Times, 06/11/01

Second-Hand Smokescreens, 06/01/01

PPA ban isn't science, it's statistical malpractice
National Post, 06/01/01

Lingering infestation of science moles
Washington Times, 05/30/01

Scaremongering From the Sundance Kid, 05/25/01

Coming Soon: More Chemicals Scares Than Anyone Dreamed Possible, 05/18/01

The Breast-Cancer Myth
New York Post, 05/17/01

Let 'Em Go Thirsty, 05/11/01

Holy Isotopes! Radiation Levels at Capitol 65 Times EPA Standards for Facility, 05/04/01
Washington Times, 05/08/01

National Research Council Poisons Arsenic Debate, 04/27/01
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