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Hot Topics - Trial Lawyers

"Trial Ordered in Suit Over Consumer Reports SUV Rollover Testing" - The Los Angeles Times reports (Sep. 23), "In a setback to the nation's most popular consumer magazine, a federal judge ruled Wednesday that Consumer Reports' publisher must stand trial over Isuzu Motors Ltd.'s claim that the magazine rigged its vaunted vehicle-handling test in a deliberate campaign to destroy the reputation of the Isuzu Trooper sport-utility vehicle."

"Guardian of the Lawyers' Honey Pot" - Max Boot writes in the Wall Street Journal (Sep. 19, 1996), "What the public may not realize, though, is that CU uses its prestige to advance a host of controversial political positions that aren't exactly laboratory-tested. As a former staff member says, 'CU has always been unabashedly activist and liberal.' The group's Achilles' heel is that, like the rest of the "consumer movement," it often appears to be in a tacit and sometimes not-so-tacit alliance with trial lawyers."

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