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Hot Topics - Global Warming

Consumer Reports ® says, "Global warming is a threat to be taken seriously. Individuals, industry and governments need to stop gambling with the globe's future, and decide how to reduce the risk." [From "Global Warming", September 1996].

"Global Warming: Unfinished Business" - Fred Singer writes in Global Warming: Unfinished Business, " Climate science is not 'settled;' it is both uncertain and incomplete. The available observations do not support the mathematical models that predict a substantial global warming and form the basis for a control policy on greenhouse (GH) gas emissions. We need a more targeted program of climate research to settle major scientific problems."

"Global Warming" - The Cooler Heads Coalition writes, "In 1992 the United States and nations from around the world met at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio and agreed to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2000. The Rio Treaty was not legally binding and, because reducing emissions would likely cause great economic damage, many nations will not meet the goal. Representatives from around the world met again in December of 1997 at a conference in Kyoto to sign a revised agreement. The Clinton Administration negotiators agreed to legally binding, internationally enforceable limits on the emission of greenhouse gases as a key tenet of the treaty. The president's position is based on the idea that global warming is real and that it is caused by human activity. Further, it presupposes that the potential damage caused by global warming would greatly outweigh the damage caused to the economy by severely restricting energy use. Finally, his position assumes that the agreement will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions world wide and will prevent global warming. However, as this pamphlet shows, each of these premises is still very much in doubt."

"The Global Warming 'Crisis'" - From the George C. Marshall Institute: "What are the facts about global warming? What do scientists know? The following fax memos from the George C. Marshall Institute help separate fact from speculation."

Philip Stott's Anti-Ecohype Page - "'Ecohype' [is] the use of junk or partial ecology to create scary scenarios for political or personal purposes."

World Climate Report - "World Climate Report is the nation's leading publication covering the breaking news concerning the science and political science of global climate change. WCR has been proven to be an effective tool in pointing out the weaknesses and fallacies in the science which is being touted as 'proof' of disastrous greenhouse warming. It's the perfect antidote against those who argue for proposed changes to the Rio Climate Treaty which are aimed at limiting carbon emissions from the United States. World Climate Report has been called a "major vehicle for publicizing the arguments and analyses of climate change 'skeptics'" by Congressman George E. Brown Jr., the ranking minority member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science."

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