April - December 1996

Selenium and Cancer Prevention (12/31/96) April Fool's on Christmas Eve.

Happy Days (12/20/96) The intersection between Arthur Fonzarelli and public health researchers.

Junk Science Barred in Breast Implant Litigation (12/20/96) Watch out plaintiff attorneys! Here come da judge.

Breast Cancer and High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy (12/16/96) Should pregnant women skip hot fudge sundaes?

Funding Scientific Research (12/12/96)Government-funded researchers slam industry-funded researchers.

EPA's Air Pollution Body Count (12/10/96) Simply unbelievable. The worst I've ever seen. Makes EPA's radon work look like Nobel Prize material.

Mouthwash and Cancer (12/10/96)Does epidemiology cause bad breath?

Greenpeace's "Future Without Risk" (12/10/96) Another concept straight from La-La land.

Again With the EMF? (12/10/96) I guess you can never get too much of a good EMF epidemiology!

A Potential Fish Story (12/10/96) Watch for this minnow of a study to turn into Orca the Killer Whale!

Ozone and Skin Cancer Incidence (12/10/96) The ghost of Christmas to come? Or the junk science of Christmas present?

William the Conqueror's Global Warming (12/06/96) What do the global warming alarmists blame for 11th century global warming?

Manmade Global Warming (11/24/96) My book Choices in Risk Assessment: The Role of Science Policy in the Environmental Risk Management Process (written for the U.S. Department of Energy in 1994), revealed how environmental policy is often based on assumptions, not science. Here's a case study in global warming!

NutraSweet and Brain Tumors (11/21/96) See what happens when you don't follow the rules of Science Without Sense.

Gulf War Veterans and Illness (11/12/96) As Gulf War illness hysteria peaks, two new studies are bound to make the hysterical really sick.

Guidance to Nowhere (11/12/96) Mike Gough and the Junkman have just published a 44-page paper on EPA's proposed cancer risk assessment guidelines.

Oxygenated Fuel and Air Pollution (11/12/96) A new auto fuel study from Consumer Reports is all gassed up, but can't get started.

Beta-Carotene Bust (11/12/96) Will plaintiff lawyers set their sights on public health researchers?

A Congressional Inquisition? (11/12/96) Not yet anyway, thanks to the elections. But Nature magazine has something to say anyway.

More Industry Treachery (11/12/96) Often the first to complain about junk science, some in industry aren't too ashamed to use it to snuff out scientific research for competitive advantage.

"Listen to the Rhythm "... of the Wobbling Sun? (11/12/96) A message for the 1990s from a 60s pop group.

National Research Council on EMF (10/31/96) Here's the executive summary (the real one) of the new NRC report on EMF.

Mexican DDT Ban (10/22/96) What you get when you mix junk science with U.S. eco-imperialism.

Play the Junk Science Game Show (10/21/96)! Match the weak association! Win the most valuable prize of all... knowledge!

Bone Mineral Density in Women With Depression (10/21/96) Researchers find that depressed women have decreased bone mineral density.

Big Business Treachery (10/21/96) The unfolding story of the global climate sellout.

Radiation and Children (10/21/96) Just because you're doing the best you can doesn't mean you're doing science.

More Abortion and Breast Cancer (10/21/96) I think the link between abortion and breast cancer is as ludicrous as anything I've written about on the Junk Science Home Page. But you only get the low-down on epidemiology when the tables are turned on the politics of the public health establishment.

A Flash of Light in the Darkness (10/21/96) A unexpected acknowledgment from U.S. government climatologists.

Let Them Get Malaria (10/02/96) What public health researchers and Marie Antoinette have in common.

Damn the Science, Full Speed Ahead (10/02/96)! The U.S. State Department takes the Admiral Farragut approach to global warming (Oops....I mean "global climate change!")

Just Say "No"--to Junk Science (10/02/96) Recent reports of a doubling in teen drug use may be greatly exaggerated.

Toenails and Breast Cancer. (10/02/96) Have toenail clipper manufacturers just dodged the bullet of FDA regulation?

PCBs and Intellectual Impairment in Children (09/16/96) Watch junk science morph into political science.

Dietary Trends Among Racial and Socioeconomic Groups (Part 1) (09/16/96) What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours...

Dietary Trends Among Racial and Socioeconomic Groups (Part 2) (09/16/96) The accompanying editorial to Part 1 of this story is a scary insight into what public health researchers think.

September Surprise: Industry Group Achieves Junk Science Hall of Shame (09/05/96) The EPA response and public comments are in about statistical significance and the cancer risk assessment guidelines.

The Solution is Pollution (09/05/96)! Smog takes on ozone depletion in a bout of junk science versus junk science.

Are Cancer Rates and Survival Increasing (09/05/96)? Or is it "just my imagination, runnin' away with me"?

The Behavior Control Crowd Goes After Diet Drugs (09/05/96) If the American Revolution hero Patrick Henry were alive today, would he be screaming "Give me cheesecake or give me death"?

Life on Mars Means Life on Earth (for NASA anyway) (08/22/96) In a manner that would have made Orson Welles proud, NASA announces evidence of life on Mars. But will EPA beat NASA to Mars?

Lung Cancer, American Cancer Society Style (08/20/96)! The American Cancer Society accepts $1 million from the Florida citrus industry. But they who live by junk science shall perish by junk science.

EPA's Contribution to Presidential Politics (08/20/96) EPA is set to release a report on the health effects of cross-media pollution on kids -- just in time for the election!

Multiple Chemical Senselessness (08/20/96) Here's a lesson in counting the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

Tree Ring Circus (08/20/96) Mongolian trees take a stand against the junk science of manmade global warming.

Abortion Contortion (08/20/96) Watch public health researchers transform into critical thinkers when they report politically incorrect results.

The EPA's Houdini Act (08/13/96) The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by the Junkman on August 8, 1996. The EPA's Houdini Act sounded the alarm about EPA deleting statistical significance from its proposed cancer risk assessment guidelines. Here's the point-by-point analysis of how EPA is doing this.

Global Warming Meltdown? (08/09/96) Pop Quiz: The rise in global sea level is due to: (A) global warming; (B) the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); or (C) a clogged drain?

Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Levels (08/09/96) NASA scientists show the effects of too much sun!

Three Mile Island (08/09/96) More than 17 years after the incident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power station, junk science-fueled plaintiffs lose in the courtroom.

Congressional Inquiry Into EPA's Proposed Risk Assessment Guidelines (07/26/96) Congress gets interested in EPA's plot to make statistical significance "sleep with the fishes." Here's the letter to EPA Administrator Browner from the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, and the Committee on Science.

Cholera Epidemic in U.S. Courtesy of EPA "Science" (07/23/96) A story of how EPA's misguided focus on hypothetical risk can lead to actual illness and death.

An Olympic Moment for DDT (07/23/96) In the spirit of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Mexican public health researchers win the gold medal in the junk science event!

Pumped Up: U.S. Government Statistics on HIV (07/23/96) Did the famous Saturday Night Live bodybuilders known as "Hans and Franz" once have a day job with the U.S. Public Health Service?

Finnish Indoor Radon Study: Right Answer, Wrong Reason (07/23/96) Research from Finland reports no lung cancer risk from indoor radon... but it's still junk science!

More on the Importance of Statistical Significance (07/23/96) EPA is trying to do away with the use of statistical significance in epidemiology. Here's an electrifying example of why!

A Junk Science Stomach Ache (07/01/96) In its jihad against the new fat substitute olestra, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) demonstrates that it cares neither about science nor the public interest!

Clean Air Act Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management (07/01/96) Have you ever wondered where old wives' tales come from? With reports like this one, I wonder if junk science will ever go away!

Of Yeast and Men (With Apologies to Mr. Steinbeck) (07/01/96) To feed the environmental estrogen frenzy, the often questionable practice of extrapolating experimental animal data to humans is taken one-step further.

Folic Acid and Fatal Coronary Heart Disease (07/01/96) Only in the fantasy world of junk science can public health researchers make dietary recommendations without the benefit of dietary data!

Gunning for Guns (07/01/96) Gun control via junk science.

Junk Science Plus Paula Jones Equals Agent Orange Benefits (06/06/96) Find out why sexual harassment is good for Vietnam veterans.

Beware of Public Health Researchers Bearing Low-salt Gifts (06/06/96) Here's a study that shows that salt is healthier for you than public health research!

Drinking Water and Birth Defects (06/06/96) Researchers try to develop biologic plausibility for an association that probably doesn't exist!

How to Get Physicians Interested in Junk Science (06/06/96) The New England Journal of Medicine reveals where physicians draw the line with junk science.

Sexual Activity and Heart Attack (05/23/96) This study reminds me of that old high school jeer... Nuts and bolts, Nuts and bolts, We got screwed!

How Safe is Our Food? (05/23/96) Another New England Journal of Medicine editorial on why we should be a self-loathing society.

Baldness and Heart Disease (05/23/96) Just what the follicularly-challenged need -- a study to really make their hair fall out.

Blowin' in the Wind--Jonathan Samet and Air Pollution (05/23/96) The Chairman of Epidemiology at the illustrious Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health shows just how flexible epidemiologists can be.

EPA's Proposed Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines (05/06/96) On the sly, EPA proposes to delete science from risk assessment. These proposed guidelines are a junk scientists's dream come true!

Family History of Cancer and Lung Cancer (05/06/96) Not much significant about this study (statistically, that is), except for a VERY tantalizing tidbit about environmental tobacco smoke. I think the authors may rue the day they published this one...

Hamburgers and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (05/06/96) Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) accounts for approximately 3 percent of all cancer in the U.S. and affects about 43,000 American every year. Jackie O died from NHL. This study tries to give new meaning to that Jimmy Buffet song Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Antioxidant Vitamins and Coronary Heart Disease (05/06/96) Vitamin E intake from foods (nuts, margarine and mayonnaise?!), but not vitamin supplements, is linked with reduced risk of death from coronary heart disease. But how will they test this in a clinical trial? Pecan-walnut sandwiches with extra mayo?

Chlorpyrifos (a pesticide) and Birth Defects (04/25/96) The environmental estrogen/endocrine disrupter research machine gets in gear. But this study's got a transmissions problem. Better call AAMCO!

Wynder Validates Science Without Sense (04/25/96) Famed epidemiologist Ernst Wynder says picking the right risk to research can make or break an epidemiologist's career. Now, just where have I heard that one before?

ZIP Codes and Premature Death (04/25/96) According to real estate agents, the three most important features of a house are location, location and location. Here's study to support that claim!

Science Magazine Goes Political (04/25/96) In an editorial, Vice President Al Gore comes to the (financial) aid of junk scientists.

Olestra and the Unabomber (04/15/96) Where's the FBI when you need'em? The forces against technology take aim at reduced-fat potato chips!

Breast Implants and Connective Tissue Disease (04/15/96) This is a huge issue concerning the health and welfare of a million women. Not to mention the billions of dollars at stake. And the authors publish a weak association study where they don't even verify that the cases are cases?

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer (04/15/96) I don't know about the science here, but at the very least it's a case study of exaggeration run amok.

Electric Razor Use and Leukemia (04/15/96) Science beats junk science in rubber match. Strange, but true...

Our Stolen Future: How They Are Insulting Our Intelligence (04/12/96) The cancer scare is on the wane, but an entirely new type of fearmongering through junk science is here. Our Stolen Future, the new book about how environmental estrogens are wreaking havoc with our hormones, follows in the foot steps of the infamous Silent Spring. u

Agent Orange and Spina Bifida (04/01/96) A National Institute of Medicine Committee links dioxin with birth defects... just in time to coincide with the controversy over endocrine disrupters fueled by Our Stolen Future

Red Meat and Breaking Bones (04/01/96) People who eat red meat are more likely to break bones, so say these researchers. But how? Are meat eaters more likely to wrestle with butchers? Do meat eaters tackle their food?

Coffee and Suicide (04/01/96) Data dredging from the Nurses Health Study has associated drinking coffee with reduced risk of suicide. Look for an espresso bar at your local Lover's Leap.

Radon and Breast Cancer: The ghost of junk science to come (04/01/96)? A theory has been developed that radon is attracted to bras where its decay products emit radiation to cause breast cancer. Women: It's only a theory. Don't burn your bra yet! Men: Don't look for a return to the uninhibited 1960s & 1970s!

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