Silencing Science

About Silencing Science

Science has been a major contributor to the health and wealth we enjoy today, but not everyone is happy with it. Science can get in the way of social and environmental activists, politicians, lawyers, and government regulators. This book is a tongue-in-cheek "how-to" manual for the concerned citizen annoyed by "pesky" science.

The authors describe more than 20 efforts of individuals and organizations to stop science in its tracks using techniques ranging from defunding scientific research to quashing scientific debate to substituting "junk" science for real science. Their witty descriptions illuminate the mischief that has followed successful and all-too-real efforts to thwart true science and offer stark reminders of the risks that follow when real science is silenced. Steven Milloy is publisher of the Junk Science Home Page and author of Science Without Sense: The Risky Business of Public Health Research. Michael Gough is director of science and risk studies at the Cato Institute.

Look who's saying what about Silencing Science

"A perceptive, eminently readable book...remarkable insights into the manipulation of science for other than laudable ends."
D.A. Henderson, M.D., Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Director, UN Smallpox Eradication Program

"...shows the greatest threat to the tight logical framework of science lies in the power of governments to subvert the use of the scientific method through biased funding or other forms of politically motivated activity."
Frederick Seitz, Ph.D., Past President, National Academy of Sciences

"Straightforward, amusing, and slightly cynical...carefully researched....Recommended reading."
Philip Abelson, Ph.D.,Deputy Editor, Science

"...a fast, forceful, convincing read...the plain, nasty truth about the subversion of truth. That it's done with a light touch is charming but doesn't change the gravity of the subject."
Paul R. Gross, Ph.D., Coeditor, Flight from Science and Reason

"At last, a practical, scientific explanation of how come America has become so stupid."
Dave Barry

"This book lists the ways self-serving and misguided losers can try to beat science, obscure the truth, and sway public opinion. It's an evil book....Unless of course it's meant to be ironic, in which case, it's a way funny book written by heroes."
Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller


Silencing Science