Duped by lone researcher, CNN runs with security device/pacemaker scare

I guess CNN didn't learn anything from its recent debacle over the groundless story about the alleged gassing of U.S. troops in Vietnam.

Yesterday, CNN ran with this scare story about anti-shoplifting devices affecting pacemakers. Although, the security devices were the subject of an FDA hearing yesterday, CNN ran with the story before the hearing concluded.

As a result, CNN failed to report (and as of 2:30 p.m. 9/25/98 still has not updated its story) that the FDA decided there was no public health threat from these security devices.

Even the Florida doctor who launched this scare didn't even stay to hear the FDA panel's conclusion.

If the scare takes hold, it will likely benefit a competitor to the manufacturer of the best selling anti-theft device.

After about 30 years of use, it has been estimated that medical implant wearers have passed through hundreds of thousands of these devices more than a billion times. There is not a single documented case showing these devices presented any sort of hazard to pacemaker or defibrillator wearers under normal conditions of use.

CNN should think twice about scaring people who already have heart problems.

Tell CNN what you think of its shoddy journalism.

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