Global warming just hot air

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October 2, 1998

Sunday's edition contained a report on a recent talk given by University of Utah geologist David S. Chapman. In that speech, he reportedly stated that evidence for man-caused global warming is "reasonable but not conclusive." The reporter apparently got caught up in the occasion and failed to make some important points.

First, Chapman's work appears to be focused on the use of the geological record to measure temperature fluctuations, primarily in Utah. As far as the article reported, he has done no formal analysis to establish the cause of any of those fluctuations.

Second, no mention was made of the source of funding for Chapman's work.

The article failed to mention that over 15,000 scientists and engineers across the United States have signed a petition opposing the Kyoto global warming treaty as one which has no basis in science. It did not report the recent poll showing that the majority of climatologists in the United States do not believe that global climate changes can be attributed to human activity.

As I have stated before, this global warming thing is primarily a political initiative, not a scientific one. The current Washington political regime is extremely hypocritical on this subject, having canceled the one research project that would have had more impact on human carbon dioxide emissions than all their environmental treaties put together -- the Integral Fast Reactor. They are simply abusing the scientific process to achieve political ends.

Kerry Thompson

North Salt Lake

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