Don't Blame Industry for Rising Seas

Letter to the editor
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October 8, 1998

As a geologist who makes a living from making scientific and economic predictions using limited information and computer modeling, I was alarmed by your editorial "Leveling on Sea Level" (Oct. 2). There is overwhelming scientific evidence that sea level has fluctuated dramatically during the life of our planet. This is a natural process occurring over millions, if not billions of years, and vastly predates our industrial revolution that well-meaning environmental groups find responsible for global warming. The editorial cited a University of Maryland study documenting a 1 to 2 millimeter per year sea level rise for centuries along North America's east coast. If true, we again see evidence of global warming that predates the industrial revolution and contradicts the theory that pollution is the culprit.

The real story often missed in the media is that there is irrefutable evidence our planet is experiencing yet another warming cycle. And the link of increased industrial greenhouse gasses to the present global warming cycle is questionable. It is in the best financial interest of environmental and some scientific groups to blame industry for a potentially natural phenomena. What we really need is some balanced reporting before well-meaning environmental legislation is passed that could have a devastating effect on our economy. The price of this legislation will not come out of the pockets of corporations.

The added cost will be passed on in the form of increased prices for the consumer. In the end we quite likely will have cleaner air, continued global warming, and a transfer of wealth to fund questionable scientific research and environmental organizations. We're all for cleaner air, but will we get it for the right reasons, and the least impact?

Michael Lentini Houston

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