Inquiry to Ben & Jerry's.

I read that Ben and Jerrys has detectable levels of [dioxin] in its ice cream. Is that true?

If you do what do you plan to do about it?

Thank you

Ben & Jerry's response

Hello! Thanks for contacting us. We assume that you are referring to the "Junk Science" report, and we appreciate the opportunity to respond to their comments.

In their statement, "junk" scientists Milloy and Gough suggest that Ben & Jerry's has been hypocritical by taking a very public stance on the dangers of dioxin.

According to experts, there's no food goup that's safe from the harmful effects of chemicals like dioxin, which make their way into the food chain through industrial emissions into our air, soil and water. While Ben & Jerryís may not directly control these dioxin emissions, we do know that a reduced reliance on chlorine as a bleaching agent will lead to a reduction in dioxin releases from paper mills to our water ways.

That's why we're taking steps as a small Vermont company to make an impact where we can by converting our pint packaging to unbleached paperboard. We encourage consumers to check with the Environmental Protection Agency and Greenpeace for the facts on dioxin.

Ben & Jerry's

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