Junkman Threatened with Lawsuit

E-mail apparently from Curtis Moore (camoore@erols.com)
April 24, 1998

The following is the complete text of the e-mail from Curtis Moore:

It has only now come to my attention that you referred to me as an "environmental activist" in a report on the Kyoto negotiations. Unlike you, I am a reporter concerned with facts, not perceptions. Included among those facts is the reality that Sen. Hagel has solicited and accepted roughly $70,000 in campaign contributions though he will not stand for election again until 2002.

As an objective writer and reporter, as well as a lawyer, I view the characterization as an "environmental activist" to be actionable libel. Should you ever repeat that epithet, I will seek redress in a court of law. In other words, I'll sue your ass for every fucking penny you've got.

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