Viagra blamed in $2 million divorce suit

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May 29, 1998

NEW YORK - Viagra cured a wealthy construction executive's impotence - too well, according to the woman who wants to end their common-law marriage and perhaps sue the drug's manufacturer.

Roberta Bernardo, also identified in published reports as Bobbi Burke, is suing 70-year-old Francis Bernardo for $2 million. She claims the impotence drug led him to infidelity.

The 61-year-old woman said their 10-year common-law marriage fell apart when Bernardo left their luxury condominium May 5 with a bottle of Viagra he'd had for two days.

Her complaint, filed May 15, said he left a note saying the relationship was over and boasting of his renewed vigor.

The Bernardos had sex for the first time in four years with the help of Viagra, the impotence drug that went on the market last month, she said.

The woman's attorney, Dominic Barbara, said she might file a negligence suit against Pfizer, which makes Viagra. He said the company should warn that the drug could be hazardous to marriages and offer emotional counseling along with the little blue pills.

Bernardo could not be reached for comment.

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