World Resources Institute and General Motors Open
Dialogue on Global Climate

Contact: Frank Dexter Brown (WRI) (202) 662-3484,
Linda McGill (GM) (313) 556-4022
For Immediate Release

(Washington, January 12, 1998) -- The World Resources Institute (WRI) and General Motors Corporation (GM) today announced a collaboration to identify measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting the economy.

Called "Safe Climate, Sound Business," the WRI-GM project will define a long-term vision for protecting the Earth's climate and the technologies and policies for getting there. The recommended approaches will assure long-term environmental and economic security.

This collaboration will find common ground among stakeholder groups that lead to policies which can be broadly supported. The project's findings, conclusions and recommendations will be published to advance the public policy dialogue on global climate.

"Given the critical importance of protecting the Earth's climate and maintaining a strong economy, it is imperative that business and the environmental community join in dialogue on climate change policies," said WRI President Jonathan Lash. "I am delighted that General Motors has stepped forward to join us in this discussion. We will only make progress by looking at this issue collectively and learning to understand and appreciate each other's perspective."

"Global climate policies that are both environmentally compatible and economically sound is our goal, and this initiative will explore these opportunities. We recognize WRI as an influential thought leader on environmental issues worldwide working toward balanced solutions," said GM Vice-President Public Policy and Chief Environmental Officer Dennis Minano. "Any global climate policy must work in the marketplace to protect the environment and meet customer expectations."

"It is time to move away from the confrontational practices of the past to develop new approaches," said Minano. "GM stands ready to work with any parties who are committed to finding constructive long-term solutions that are effective and meet the needs of consumers."

GM, the world's largest manufacturer, is a world leader in developing advanced vehicle technologies. In 1996, GM introduced the EV1, recognized as the world's most energy-efficient production vehicle, as well as the zero-emissions Chevy S-10 pickup truck. GM is a participant in the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV), a joint venture of GM, other domestic manufacturers and the federal government to develop breakthrough technologies that will improve fuel efficiency. In addition,"Safe Climate, Sound Business" adds a new dimension to GM's work on global climate by engaging in dialogue with a broad spectrum of strategic alliances such as the President's Council on Sustainable Development.

"Safe Climate, Sound Business" is part of WRI's Climate Protection Initiative--a partnership between WRI and business firms to identify policies and business strategies for achieving strong climate protection goals.

The World Resources Institute is a Washington, DC-based center for policy research and technical assistance that provides objective information and practical proposals for policy change that will foster environmentally sound development. WRI works with institutions in more than 50 countries to bring the insights of scientific research, economic analysis, and practical experience to political, business, and non-governmental organization leaders around the world. For more information, visit WRI's website at "".

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