Where's the Beef?

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March 30, 1998

What do Vice President Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey have in common? Along with El Nino, global warming and food scares, the two public figures are among the top winners of the eighth annual "Chicken Little Awards," to be announced April 6 by the National Anxiety Center.

The awards are presented by the center to "individuals and groups who have scared the daylights out of millions of people."

For example, the center singles out New York Times science writer William K. Stevens for writing more than 125 articles about global warming since 1990, more than 25 of which were published in 1997 alone.

"This isn't journalism. It's pure propaganda," says center founder Alan Caruba, a veteran science writer who calls global warming "the biggest hoax of this century."

Mr. Gore was cited for having "no grip on reality" when it comes to the environment, while Miss Winfrey kept busy "telling people not to eat beef when Americans consume 25 billion pounds a year without dying in the streets."

As for El Nino, the center labels it a "natural phenomenon" that was "turned into an excuse for countless horror stories."

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