Carol Browner:
EPA Carbetbagger

USA Today (September 11, 1997)

After the War Between the States (or the "Civil War" for you Yankees), Northerners flocked to the South. Some came and gained political control by exploiting the newly freed slaves and gaining the black vote. Other unscrupulous and corrupt Northerners gained control of land through taxation. The Southerners' term of contempt for these Northerners was "carpetbagger."

So what's this got to do with Carol Browner?

On September 10, 1997, EPA administrator Carol Browner blocked a request by Shintech, Inc. to build a polyvinyl chloride plant in an impoverished, predominantly black Louisiana town. Administrator Browner stated,

It is essential the minority and low income communities not be disproportionately subject to environmental hazards.

This is the wacky--and unproven-- notion of "environmental racism." And it is EPA's first action on the issue.

Without scientific evidence that the plant would cause any harm to the local community, Administrator Browner acted to ensure the community's continued health and economic poverty. Plant construction would provide 2,000 jobs to community residents. Plant operation would provide 165 permanent jobs for which the average wage would be $45,000. The current average income in the area is $5,000. And since we know that "wealth equals health" (wealthier people/communities can afford better medical care and have healthier lifestyles), ultimately it is the community residents' health that will pay the price.

So why is Administrator Browner blocking plant construction? Simple. Environmental racism is good politics. And, apparently, the black vote is more important to her than actually doing something beneficial for an impoverished black community.

Let's see... Washington, D.C. politician exploits impoverished blacks for political gain... yep, that's a "carpetbagger" alright. "Carol the Carpetbagger," to be exact!

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