Pheromones? Schmeromones!

by Mitch Alderman

The New York Times article stated:

The effects of the [pheromone] applications, however, were quick and significant. In 68 percent of the women, the follicular-phase extracts shortened their current menstrual cycle by anywhere from one to 14 days, with an average abridgment of 1.7 days. When the same group of women were later swabbed with ovarian-phase extracts, a different 68 percent of them were affected, this time by a lengthening of their cycle by from one to 12 days, with an average expansion of 1.4 days.

Did no one do the numbers at the New York Times? Sixty-eight percent of the women tested means 13 women. An average of 1.7 days difference means a total of 22.1 days changed. If you remove the one woman who shortened her cycle 14 days, then the average change becomes 0.62 days. Yeah sure!

The same applies to the expansion numbers. This research is meaningless. Worse, it is insulting!

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