January - March 1997

The Elderly and Air Pollution (3/26/97) A lesson in cherry-picking data to support a (pre-determined?) conclusion.

A Grim Fairy Tale (3/19/97) Little Red Riding Hood takes Oscar-Mayer Lunchables to grandmother's house. But a big, bad public health research wolf has other salty ideas.

More Hot Air Over Global Warming (3/18/97) Is computer-generated data really better than two independent sources of observational data? Shouldn't global climate modelers have to prove themselves on simpler systems before moving on to the big enchilada of global climate?

The Mort Lippman Retirement Act (3/13/97)? A well-known air pollution researcher asks Congress to shore up his financial future.

Radon and Breast Cancer (3/12/97) Do brassieres trap radon and thereby increase breast cancer risk? From Risk Analysis, here is a letter-to-the-editor in response to a previous letter alleging just such a phenomenon

Women Take on Junk Science (3/11/97) From The Washington Times, here is Mona Charen's column on the Independent Women's Forum meeting on how junk science impacts health issues of special importance to women.

Gulf War Syndrome and the Press (3/5/97) From The Wall Street Journal, here is Mike Fumento's op-ed on Gulf War Syndrome and the Press. An incredible story!

Summertime Haze by The Air Pollution Experience (3/3/97) The American Lung Association (ALA) recently refused to debate the Junkman on national radio about the new EPA-funded, ALA-published, junk-science fueled study on air pollution and asthma. Here's why!

EPA's Case of the Missing Data (3/1/97) EPA has proposed new air pollution standards for ozone and particulate matter that are estimated to cost in excess of $10 billion annually. Many question the quality of the underlying data and want to review them. Mary Nichols, the EPA assistant administrator for air and radiation says "We do not believe...there is a useful purpose to obtain the underlying data." Here's the Investor's Business Daily article on this hot issue.

In the Shallow End of the Jury Pool (2/26/97) Are the attorneys for silicone breast implant plaintiffs trying to influence prospective jurors with junk science just before the start of two upcoming trials in New Orleans?

Tulane's Breast Implant Research (2/26/97) Is Tulane University TRYING to overtake Harvard University as the #1 purveyor of junk science?

Global Warming, Asteroids and The Washington Post (2/22/97) Here's one natural disaster that wouldn't be so bad!

Scientists Reject Call for Full Disclosure of Health Data on Particulates (2/20/97) From Inside EPA, here's an article on how scurrilous public health researchers are trying to avoid disclosing data that's being used to support the EPA air pollution proposal. What are they hiding? What ever happened to the scientific method. Oh yeah...I forgot...this is the Junk Science Home Page!

Relax... You Might Not Be Doomed (2/19/97) From Public Risk (the journal of the Public Risk Management Association), I've re-printed my article on why most public health "scares" should be taken with a grain of salt.

Nature Buries Science (2/12/97) More on Science magazine's BIG goof!

Hair-em Scare-em (2/12/97)'s not the Elvis Presley movie. But can Grecian Formula lower I.Q.? Don't miss watching the gray disappear from the Grecian Formula guy's hair!

EPA Boosters on Government Tab (2/1/97) Read last week's Investors Business Daily article about how much EPA pays those who support EPA's proposed clean air rules.

A Fungus Among Us (1/25/97) Vaunted Tulane University research on environmental estrogens goes KA-BLOO-EY!

Does Fruit Juice Make Kids Short and Fat (1/22/97) Find out what question I'm dying to ask the authors of this research!

AZT, Alar and Unequal Protection (1/18/97) What about constitutional rights for chemicals?

The EPA's Clean Air-ogance (1/16/97) Based on popular demand, here's my op-ed on EPA's proposed Clean Air Act regulations for ozone and particulate matter.

Drinking, Driving and Junk Science-ing (1/14/97) Drinking-and-driving is a very serious matter. CDC-funded junk science does not make it more so.

Holy Radon, Batman! (1/7/97) Read about the Caped Crusaders in action against radon junk scientists.

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