Silicone Manufacturer/AOL Sued for Slander & Harassment

Media Release

"Breast implant manufacturer, Inamed of Santa Barbara, CA is responsible for a four year harassment and slander campaign against Ilena Rosenthal of San Diego, who heads an International Silicone Support Network," says Stephen B. Morris, attorney for Ms. Rosenthal, who filed the case in the California Superior Court in San Diego.

Ms. Rosenthal seeks $10 million in compensatory damages from Inamed and the other named defendants, for damages wrought by former president of Mc Ghan, Ireland (owned by Inamed), Dr. Patrick J. O'Leary and ETC of Texas. Together, they waged a defamation campaign via the internet and infiltrated Ms. Rosenthal's Support Group using divisive and abusive tactics, the complaint alleges.

O'Leary, veiled behind the screen name of "," and Ms. Susan Schaezler of ETC, harassed, defamed and slandered Ms. Rosenthal, calling her a "fraud," an "atheist" and claiming she was "ripping off" implanted women, among other slanderous statements. Rosenthal recently discovered the identity of the former McGhan President when he forwarded a dirty joke to her e-mail address, failing to delete his real name from the e-mail.

Internet giant, America On-Line (AOL), is also named in this suit, for failing to protect Plaintiff from abuse by its subscribers. Athough informed of their "spam" and derogatory and off-topic postings, the complaint alleges, AOL made no attempt to curtail the illegal postings .

Mr. Morris can be reached at 858/239-1300, ext. 101.
Ms. Rosenthal can be reached at 858/270-0680,

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