April - June 1997

Junk Food Tax (6/26/97) Will there be a special tax on potato chips? Big Macs and Whoppers? Candy Bars? Ice Cream? Hold on to your taste buds!

Tap Water and Cancer (6/24/97). What happens when you take cancer prone animals and poison them? You know, I'm almost starting to think that the animal rights crowd has a point about killing animals (at least for junk science purposes!).

Loners: The Next Target for Mike Moore and the Other Media-Drunk State Attorneys General (6/23/97) In the wake of the tentative tobacco settlement, what's next on Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore's agenda?

Air Pollution and SIDS (6/13/97) On the eve of the decision about EPA's proposed air quality standards, a desperate agency does a desperate thing.

NHTSA Nitwit-ery (6/12/97) On the heels of its airbag debacle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration takes aim at sport utility vehicles, minivans and pickup trucks.

Mouse Terrorism (6/11/97) From The Wall Street Journal, here's an editorial about a new report titled Fact versus Fiction from the American Council on Science and Health.

Schering Plough's Low Blow (6/9/97) Schering Plough says its competitor's product (Ex-Lax) causes cancer. I say Schering Plough deserves a junk science enema!

Mars Crock (6/1/97) I don't want to say I told you so but...

Manganese Mangles Mice Experiments (5/26/97) The reliability of the risk assessment practice of extrapolating from rodents to humans takes a nose-dive.

True Confessions (Global Warming Style) (5/24/97) Global warming scientists have second thoughts as the Gore-Albright climate change freight train steams toward Kyoto.

Epidemiologic Meltdown? (5/24/97) Harvard continues to radiate junk science.

Why Scientists Filter the Facts on Smoking (5/24/97) From The Wall Street Journal, here's an op-ed on the difference between science and public health.

Health Priorities Facing the Wrong Way (5/24/97) From The Washington Times, read an op-ed on what one physician thinks about air pollution and public health priorities.

Secondhand Smoke-and-Mirrors (How the Pros Tamper with Jury Pools) (5/19/97) It's been on TV and in the newspapers. Does secondhand smoke really cause heart attacks? Or is this just jury prep?

Clean Air Applause and Caution (5/19/97) From the Washington Times, here's Ron Gots' and Suellen Pirages' op-ed on EPA's clean air proposals.

European Study Says More Research Is Needed on "Endocrine Disrupters" (5/15/97) From Inside EPA, the endocrine disrupter issues continues to be a bust.

House Staff Object to EPA's Use of Assumptions in FQPA Implementation (5/15/97) From Inside EPA, here's why the new food safety law is a real setback.

Kasparov's Brain (5/12/97) From The Wall Street Journal, read the editorial about why technophobia is Sierra Club-thinking.

Don't Be Cowed by This Disease (5/12/97) From The Wall Street Journal, read an easy-to-understand op-ed about Mad Cow disease hysteria.

House Poisons (5/11/97)From The Wall Street Journal, read the editorial about Cassandra Moore's new book Haunted Housing: How Toxic Scare Studies Are Spooking the Public out of House and Home.

Cockroaches and Asthma (5/8/97) Here's a cause of asthma that EPA overlooked in its proposed rule to reduce air pollution levels.

Breast Cancer and Environmental Estrogens: Should We Have Science or Panic? (5/6/97) From the latest issue of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' journal Environmental Health Perspectives, click here to read Dr. Steven Safe's Is There an Association between Exposure to Environmental Estrogens and Breast Cancer?; click here to read Sandra Steingraber's Mechanisms, Proof, and Unmet Needs: The Perspective of a Cancer Activist

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: More Tulane Junk Science on Environmental Estrogens? (5/2/97) What are the odds this latest laboratory research from Tulane can be replicated by ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world!

A Flood of Junk Science (4/28/97)Not only does North Dakota have to sweat out the rising Red River, but also computer modeling by the National Weather Service.

Child Exploitation by Executive Order (4/23/97) Building Al Gore's presidential hopes on the backs of children?

Is Spring Coming Earlier? (4/20/97) Tell it to Bostonians who got two feet of snow in April!

Atomic Split: Data Recharge Debate on Low-level radiation Risk (4/14/97) The Washington Post published a non-junk science, science article. Here's a reprint of the April 14, 1997 article recognizing (finally) that low-level radiation may not be harmful. Is this like Ripley's Believe It or Not!", or what?

Silicone Exemption (4/14/97) Editors at the The Washington Post point out a major consequence of junk science -- saying "goodbye" to medical uses of silicone.

Hollywood on the Breast Implant Saga (4/11/97) Here's the April 11, 1997 The Wall Street Journal op-ed on the upcoming made-for-TV movie on the breast implant controversy. Do you think Steven Spielberg might be interested in a script about the "secret" air pollution data?

Morton Lippmann Ties Beavis and Butthead (4/11/97)? Who says scientists aren't funny?

Pollution Data Sparks debate Over Secret Data (4/8/97) Here's the April 7, 1997 The Wall Street Journal article on the "secret" air pollution data. Doesn't the scientific method require data sharing?

Does Circumcision Cause Blindness (4/3/97)? If justice is blind, is it likely to have been circumcised?

EPA's $25 Billion Goof (4/3/97) Every basic statistics course teaches the difference between "mean" and "median." Here's why!

Science Magazine's Whitewash (4/3/97) Science continues to exhibit no remorse for its role in trumpeting into law bogus Tulane University research.

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